Guide To Starting A Garage -- Car Lifts And Other Equipment You'll Need

A whole lot more than buying a couple of car lifts goes in to opening a successful automobile repair garage. In addition to deciding whether you'll perform general repairs or specialize in certain kinds of repairs, you may also want to carry parts and accessories. This article provides a look at some of the equipment and repair parts, like car lift parts, you should consider.

Car Lifts Are Necessary

It doesn't matter which type of repairs you decide to perform in your garage, you'll need car lifts to do an effective job. Since these lifts are vital to your business, you should choose a sturdy model that can take the rigors of everyday use. The type you choose can also make a difference in the kinds of services you are able to provide.

You need heavy-duty car lifts to work on buses or other large vehicles, but a standard version with extensions will work fine if you're just repairing cars and light trucks. In-floor models offer more stability and are more convenient in a commercial business setting. Two post and four post styles have their advantages, so consider their benefits as well. Make sure it is easy to get car lift parts for the model you choose. This includes having certain car lift parts on hand in case of a breakdown.

A Brake Lathe

Having a brake lathe in your automobile repair garage will allow you to better service customers. A brake lathe can help you give customers better brakes cheaper than by totally replacing the old brakes, saving you time and making you money. There are several styles of brake lathes, so shop around to find the best model for you. Just like with car lifts and car lift parts, always make sure you have the equipment necessary for success. Don't wait until your brake lathe needs parts, have them ready just in case.

Small Pieces Of Equipment

Standard with just about every automobile repair garage on the planet, air ratchet compressors and other air powered tools will make work easier. When work is easier, it's more efficient, leading to more profit. Sometimes, the only way to adequately make a repair is with an air powered tool.

In addition, don't forget about fluid equipment wheel changers, wheel balancers, lubricants, gas pumps and more. It is always better to have the right piece of equipment on hand when you need it than it is to have to see if you can find the right equipment in stock at a local store. Many automobile repair garages also have equipment for detailing. Offering this service can allow you to make some extra money outside of making repairs.

Customizing Equipment

Many automobile repair garages profit greatly from the use of customizing equipment. As with offering detailing, customization allows you to make money outside of repairs. Popular customizations include paint jobs, muffler and exhaust system enhancements, interior makeovers, and more. By having exhaust equipment, sewing equipment, paint sprayers, welders, and other tools used in customizations, you can offer this service that is growing in popularity.

When starting the automobile repair garage of your dreams, make sure you start out right by having the correct equipment to do the job, including car lifts, car lift parts, a brake lathe, small tools, and customization equipment. The right tools will set your automobile repair garage out on the road to success.


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